How to create a Landing Page on WordPress?

How to create a Landing Page on WordPress

Let’s say you have a product or a service to offer and you want to create a webpage to promote your product among users.

So having a landing page is a great way to convert your online visitors, into customers for your business.

We are going to create our landing page, in just 3 Parts.
1- Launching your website
2- Creating your Landing Page
3- To get details of your users

In this article we’re going to learn about what is a landing page and how does it work,

What are the benefits of using landing pages in your digital campaigns and most of all and what’s most important how you can build landing pages fast.

Landing page is a great tool and there are several rules you should follow in order to get the best results.

We’ll start with the most important question what is a landing page exactly!

What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is a term we use in digital marketing, it’s a kind of webpage that we land on from different sources like Facebook ads, google ads, social media posts or emails.

These are designed to fulfill one specific goal and most of the time it’s collecting leads which can help you turn your visitors in customers for your business.

A lead is your visitor’s contact information and depending on your business that data may vary most of the time is an email address.

Every time you sign up to some product or platform you give information like email address, name, perhaps a phone number and that’s a lead.

How does Landing Page works?

The main reason why marketers love to use landing pages in their marketing campaigns is to get their visitor’s attention right after they get on the page and convince them to take the desired action.

When someone gets to your homepage they need to click through the entire website to get the desired information even on specific subpages like products offer or features.

What’s best about landing page is that you can easily edit its content and optimize it for even better results.
    So by now you should know a couple of things

  1. Landing pages are simplified web pages with no distractors.
  2. They perform great in digital marketing number
  3. They are focused on taking one specific action by visitors and
  4. The message on the landing page is matched to the source from which a visitor came from.

Now it’s time to get to the next step which is creating your own landing page.

How to create a Landing Page?

1- Launch your website

In order to create a landing page, you should own a website. So to create a website-
Step 1- Choose your website name
Step 2- Get you hosting and domain for the website
Once you’re done with website development, we can go to our next part.

2- Create your Landing Page?

First of all you need to login to your WordPress website. This is the page form where you can control your WordPress website.
After that

Step 1- Install the "Hello Elementor" Theme

For that go to WordPress dashboard. This is the place where you can control your website in every aspect.
Go to Dashboard >> Apperance >> Themes >> Add New
Now search for “Hello Elementor” and then click “Install and Activate”

Step 2- Installing "Elementor" plugin
  1. To install this plugin, again go to dashboard and then plugins.
  2. Click “Add new” and then search for “Elementor
  3. Click ” Install and Activate” to activate it
Step 3- Choose a design for Landing Page

You need to create a page to choose a design

  1. So let’s go to “Pages” in the dashboard and click “Add New”
  2. Give a name to the Page and click “Edit with Elementor”
  3. Now to get an already available design, click on “folder” icon and search for “Landing Page”
  4. You’ll get a variety of pre-made designs to choose from Choose the desired one and click “Insert” to get the design.
Step 4- Add your content

You can change any content of the page you want to like images, texts, logo, add a videos etc.

  1. Once you’ve added the contents of the page and done with the changes, click “Update”
  2. You can also customise for mobile viewers by changing the “responsive mode” to “mobile”

So now we’ve successfully created our Landing Page. Next we’ll learn about how to get details of your users.

3- To get details of the users

For that you need to create an email signup form

Step 1- Create an account in Mailpoet
  1. Create an account on mailpoet.com by clicking on this link https://wl.tools/mailpoet
  2. Fill up the required details and Click “continue”
  3. Click “Add Plan” and setup your plan.

After that mailpoet will check your account and approve it.

Step 2- Connect mailpoet account with your WordPress website
  1. You need to install mailpoet plugin to connect the account
  2. To install, go to WordPress dashboard >> mailpoet >> Settings >> key activation
    Now you have to add a key
  3. Go to your mailpoet account, and there you can get the key under “My subscriptions”

So now your mailpoet account is connected with your WordPress account.

Step 3- To create an Email sign-up form
  1. Again go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Mailpoet >> Forms >> new form
    You’ll be able to see different designs for your email form
  2. Choose a desirable design and click “select”
    You can also edit the form by adding the fields you want, changing texts, etc
  3. Further you have to select where you want to save your subscriber details.
  4. Once you are done with editing, click “Save” and your sign-up form will be created.
Step 4- Adding the signup form on your Landing Page
  1. Click “Form Placement” and select “shortcode”
  2. Now open your Landing Page through “Elementor”
  3. Search for “shortcode” widget and add it
  4. Click “Apply” after pasting the shortcode of the form
    We’ve successfully added the form to our Landing Page

Now whenever someone subscribes to your page, you can get their details here
WordPress Dashboard >> Mailpoet >> Subscribers

If you are willing to send an email to your subscribers, then go to
WordPress Dashboard >> Mailpoet >> Emails >> New Mail

You are free to send a Newsletter, Welcome email, etc. You can also choose an email design and customise it accordingly.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about How to create a Landing Page on WordPress?

For any further queries or suggestions you can write down to us below or contact us here.

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