How to add PayPal Payment Gateway in WordPress?

How to add PayPal Payment Gateway in WordPress?

After adding PayPal payment gateway, whenever a customer wants to buy a product from your e-commerce website, they will be able to pay you easily using PayPal and you’ll receive that payment directly in your bank account.

In this article you’ll learn to add PayPal Payment Gateway in your WordPress e-commerce website in just three simple steps-

  1. Create an Account in PayPal
  2. Set-up your PayPal account
  3. Connect your PayPal account with your website

Let’s get started

Step 1- Create an Account in PayPal

paypal signup
image credit: paypal
  1. Go to paypal.com and click sign up
  2. Since we are creating a PayPal account for our business, select “Business Account” and click “Next”
  3. To create an account enter your email address in the given space then click “continue” and enter a password for your account and continue.
  4. Enter your business details in the given field and click “create account”
  5. Select the business type and enter your Business category then click “submit”
  6. Now we’ve successfully created our PayPal account.

Step 2- Set-up your PayPal account

In order to receive payment from your customers, first you need to set-up your PayPal account.

  1. To set it up, go to your Gmail inbox and you’ll see that you’ve got a mail from PayPal.
  2. Open the mail and click “Get started”
    It will redirect you to your PayPal account page.
  3. After that click “Account Set-up”
  4. Add your bank account to PayPal to receive payments in your bank account
  5. Click “Add bank account” and choose the bank you want.
  6. Enter your bank account details where you want to receive payments and click “Agree and Link”.
    (If you don’t have online banking click “Link your bank another way”)
  7. Click “Done” and you’ll see that we’ve successfully added our bank account to PayPal.

Step 3- Connect your PayPal account with your website

PayPal Standard wordpress setup
image credit: paypal

To let your customers make payments on your site you need to connect your PayPal account with your website.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to “Woocommerce” settings and click “Payments”
  2. Click “setup” in the PayPal description.
  3. Enable PayPal and enter your email address you used while creating your PayPal account in “PayPal email”
  4. Scroll down and click “save changes”
  5. As soon as you do that, your customers can easily make payments through the PayPal payment gateway.
  6. You’ll see that you’ve got PayPal payment when any customer proceed to checkout for payment.
  7. To make the payment, all they have to do is fill up the required details and click “Proceed to PayPal”.
  8. If the customer has PayPal account, they can login and make the payment.
  9. If they don’t have a PayPal account they can create it by clicking “Create an Account”.

Instead of asking your customers to create an account for payment, you can let them play using their cards.

How to let your customers pay using their card?

To do that, go to your PayPal account.

  1. Click settings icon and the click “Selling Tools”
  2. Next to Website Preferences, click “Update”
  3. Scroll down and you’ll find an option called “PayPal Account optional”
  4. To allow your customers to pay without creating an account, just click “on”
  5. If you go back to the payment page, you’ll see that “Create an account option” is replaced by “Pay using Debit or Credit card”

Now your customers can pay to you using their cards also.

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