How to Move WordPress from Local Server to Live Website

Move WordPress Local Server to Live Website,How to Move WordPress from Local Server to Live Website

Today, we’re gonna see how you can Move WordPress Local Server to Live Website Hi guys, I’m Pratyush from Pcheaven.in. 

In our previous article, I told you, how you can install WordPress locally on your computer

Now if you want to move that local WordPress site to a live website you can do that by following the steps that I show you in this article. 

Once you get your website live, anyone will be able to access it, by going to your website address and make sure you read this article till the end to learn how to do it.

Now I’m gonna show you the WordPress site that I’ve build on my computer It has pages and this content.

You can see that, it’s on our computer Now, to get this website live, we’re gonna do it in just 2 Parts.

1. Setup a new WordPress site on a WebHost

The first part is to setup a new WordPress site on a WebHost So, to get our website live we need a hosting account that provides space, for storing our website’s files on the internet.

So to get a hosting account, let’s click here and, it will take you to the hostinger page Now, this is where we’re going to buy the hosting. 

Domain is the name of your website So to get hosting & domain, let’s scroll down and choose hosting plans for your website .

Get WordPress Hosting
image credit: hostinger

It will depend according to your need, how many website you want to build in future, we suggest you buy Premium Web Hosting. So let’s, click ‘add to cart’.

Now you’ll choose the time duration, for a way a few years you would like buy hosting & domain. The discount you available for 4 year plan or 48 months.

And in this hosting plan you are eligible for a free domain, In your left side there is dialog box where you can get your free domain.

You just have to enter the domain name you search for before, in my case, it was “pcheaventechy” and choose your extension and hit search.

Now you see your domain will be added to your cart automatically. So, now let’s proceed to checkout.

Now Hostinger will ask you login. So let’s click create a new account because we don’t have any hostinger account. and fill in all these details.

Now, choose your payment option, and click continue, So guy’s this is going to cost us around 179 rupees per month, and, the plan will be valid for 4 years.

So let’s place the order and make the payment. So I’m getting to quickly complete the payment!

Now we’ve completed the payment & we’ve got our domain & hosting Next, we need to Install WordPress on our hosting account.

Dashboard website 768x392 1 | pcheaven.in
image credit: hostinger

So to install WordPress, let’s click ‘Add site’ and then click ‘Get started’ Now just select your domain and click ‘next’ then again click ‘next’.

Now you need to enter a username and password for WordPress you will need this to login into WordPress.

So I’m gonna enter my name and password and click install, so WordPress is installed Now let’s click ‘Get started’ and then click ‘No thanks’ and ‘Ok’.

kdk | pcheaven.in
image credit: hostinger

WordPress is now installed on ‘pcheaventechy.com’ So, once you install WordPress your website will now be Live So let’s check that. 

We’re gonna go to our browser and then type our domain name So, I’m going to enter ‘pcheaventechy.com’ and press enter 

The site is working and it has this default WordPress content, now let’s go to the Final Part of this tutorial which is to bring in the content, from the local site to this live website.

WP installation 768x644 1 | pcheaven.in
image credit: hostinger

2. Move the content from the local site to the live website

To move the content from the local site to the live website, We’re going to do 3 things, First, we’re going to install a plugin on both of our websites. 

Then, using the plugin we’re going to export the contents of the local site into a file Then finally, we’re going to bring that file, into our live site.

all in one wp migration
image credit: pcheaven

1. install a plugin all in one wp migration on both of our websites

First, let’s install the plugin on the local site So, let’s go into our localhost dashboard and then go to plugins and click ‘Add New’ 

Now, search for ‘All in One wp migration ‘ and then install this plugin So, let’s click ‘install’ and ‘activate’, So the plugin is installed on the local site 

Next, we’re going to install the same plugin on our live website So, let’s go to the WordPress dashboard on the live website. 

And then go to plugins again click add new then search for ‘All in One’ and click ‘install’ and activate, now the plugin is installed on both of our websites. 

2. Export the Content of our Local Site

let’s go to our localhost dashboard And then go to ‘All in One WP Migration’ and click ‘Export’ Now click ‘Export to’ and file

Now click ‘download’ And the content will be downloaded into a file and then click close.  

Now, we’ve got the content of our local site into a file So, now we can go to the final step, which is to import this file into our Live website.

3. Import the Content of our Local Site to Live website

let’s go to our Live Site’s dashboard Then, go to All-in-One WP Migration and click ‘Import’ Now click ‘Import from’ and click ‘file’. 

Now, choose the file which you’ve downloaded and click ‘open’ Now click ‘Proceed’ to start the import and then click ‘close’ and it’s done!

So, all our local site content has been imported into the live site’ So, let’s check that We’ll go to the live site and reload the page, you can see that all the content has moved to our live site.

So, this is how you can move your WordPress site from your computer to a live website Now, if you want to login to your WordPress site Just add ‘/login’ after your site’s address, and press enter. 

Now to log into WordPress, you need to use your localhost’s username & password So just enter the login details of your local site, and then click login. 

Now you can start making changes to your website and all the changes will appear on your live website There you go! This is how you can move WordPress from your local computer to a live website.

So, now if you wanna learn how to design your WordPress site, You can read this article! We show you how you can build your website in just a few mins.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about How to Move WordPress Local Server to Live Website.
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