How to get a Free SSL for your WordPress website

How to get a free SSL for your WordPress website

If you go to your website and you see this “not secure” message on your browser then it means that you do not have SSL.

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What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was developed to protect the information traveling on the internet. It safeguards any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems (it can be a server or client), preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details.

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How to get 100% Free SSL?

In this article we’re going to see how you can get a free SSL for your wordpress website. Now if you want to change this “not secure” message into the secure lock symbol then you need to get an SSL for your website. This will help you in making your visitors trust your website, so let’s get started.

We're going to get a 100% Free SSL in just 5 Simple Steps:

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Steps 1. Create Account on Cloudflare for Free

The first one is to ‘Create an account on a website called cloudflare‘.

This is a website which is going to provide the free SSL for our WordPress website.

Go to cloudflare.com to create the account and then click ‘sign up’.

Now enter your email And password And click on ‘create account’.
After this your account will be created on cloudflare.

Steps 2. Add your Website to Cloudflare Account

Next let’s go to our step two Which is to Add your website to this account.

So just enter your website name and then click ‘Add Site’ and then ‘Next’. Now select the free plan and click on ‘confirm’.

After that scroll to the down and click ‘continue’. Okay so our website has been added to cloudflare.

Steps 3. Change your Nameservers

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We need to add these nameservers to our domain. To add these nameservers first you’ll need to login to your domain provider’s website.

To find out your domain provider you can just click below on ‘I need help changing my nameservers’.

Let’s consider that your domain is provided by GoDaddy. So to add these nameservers first we’ll login to GoDaddy.

Open a new window and then go to godaddy.com Click on ‘sign in’ and then sign in into your GoDaddy account.

You will see that we have the same domain which we added to cloudflare.

Change the nameservers of this domain. For that just click DNS and then scroll down to nameservers. Under nameservers, select the nameservers type “custom”.

Cloudflare ssl Completion
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And now in the rows provided below Nameservers, you need to enter the details which is provided in cloudflare.

Just go there and then copy the first value and paste it there. Then copy the second one also and paste it. “Click save”

We have successfully added the required nameservers to our domain. So let’s go back to cloudflare and then click continue.

Now to check if the nameservers are changed let’s click recheck now and you will get this message.

And now if we click refresh you should see a green tick icon which means your nameservers have been changed.

(even if you don’t see this green icon immediately You can still go to the next step And everything will work at the end of this article).

Once you have added the changed nameservers, you can go to step four.

Steps 4. Install Cloudflare Plugin in WordPress

cloudflare plugin for wordpress
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Install the cloudflare plugin in WordPress So to install the plugin go to WordPress, then plugins and click ‘Add New’

Now search for ‘flexible SSL’ And you will get this plugin.
Now let’s install this plugin by clicking ‘Install Now’ and activate.

We have installed the cloudflare plugin in WordPress. Once you have installed the plugin you can now go to the final step.

Steps 5. Enable SSL in Cloudflare

Enable SSL in Cloudflare
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For this step go back to cloudflare and click the lock icon(crypto). Then scroll down to “Always Use HTTPS” and turn it on.

As soon as it is turned on, your website will be secured with SSL. So let’s check it now.

If you go to your site you will see that earlier you had this ‘not secure’ message and after you click refresh you can see that we now have the lock and the HTTPS.

This means that we have now got the SSL. So now if you click on the ‘lock’ icon you can see that the browser says “The connection is secure”

If your website didn’t load properly then wait for a few minutes or load it from a different device. It will surely work after a few minutes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about How to get a free SSL for your WordPress website.
For any further queries or suggestions you can write down to us below or contact us here.

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