How can Businesses Benefit from using Analytics on their Website?

How can Businesses Benefit from using Analytics on their Website

Ever wonder what’s your business website is lacking, Is there something you can do to get the desirable response from the audience?

With so many online businesses emerging every day, it is very important that your website stands out in every aspect.

This is possible only when you continuously improve and customise according to your audience behaviour.

To help you accelerate your business plan and increase the traffic on the website, analytics plays a vital role.

No online business can run without analytics tools. Analytics gives every marketing insight you need to grow your website.

It shows you where the audience comes from, how many users visit your website, how much time they spend on the website, which pages do they visit on the website, and many more.

Let’s understand in detail how can businesses benefit from using analytics on their website.

Benefit of using Analytics in Business

Web analytics helps you analyse the various key performance indicators that helps to drive your business and effectiveness of your website by monitoring:

  • Traffic sources like which search engine they are using to reach your website, frequent keywords and referral sites that bring you most traffic so you can
  • The total number of unique visitors who visit your site and the sessions they make
  • The number of page views and time spent on your page by your audience
  • The path which visitors followed while browsing the website
  • It shows you where your audience comes from
  • It also lists which pages your audience does not like
  • It can show where your visitors go after they’ve left your site
  • It will show you why your audience are visiting your site

There are so many web analytics software available, but to understand the data and graphs produced you should be familiar with the terms used in analysis of the website.

Some of them are listed below which you shouldn’t miss in any case-

Total Traffic

It’s the total number of people that visit your site in the given amount of time such as a day week or year.

Your total traffic can let you know at which time duration most people are visiting your site and with this information you’ll be able to post during the peak time.

For example, if you notice more visitors on weekends, then it’s better to post more articles in those two days rather than focusing on the whole week.

Source of traffic

On a website customers can arrive by social media blogs Google searches referral websites and many other sources.

With the help of website analytics, you can figure out how people are finding your site in so you can create a strategy for your content moving forward.

If you find that most of your audience comes from social media accounts.

You can use that knowledge to boost your efforts on Facebook, Twitter or wherever your audience is most likely to stem from.

Bounce rate

A bounce is when a visitor leaves before clicking on another page within your site, the higher the bounce rate the worse off you are.

For example, if your bounce rate is 80% that means four out of every five people that come to your site don’t care to stay long that’s not good.

With this data you get to know your audience response to your blogs and will be able to look for the reasons that led to the higher bounce rates.

It could be any number of reasons including irrelevant content, a confusing navigation or annoying sounds and images,

as a rule of thumb shoot for a bounce rate that’s lower than 50% but of course do everything you can to keep it as low as possible


When you understand your customer’s demographics, behavior, and how to add value to their search queries or intent, you can focus on how best to serve them on your online platform.

There’s a variety of web analytics tools to choose from but the most popular by far is Google Analytics.

Just visit google.com/analytics to get started, it’s free super easy to set up and easy to navigate and customize.

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